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This high quality line of squeegee combo sets comes in a variety of flexibility levels, for any project.

The PINK Squeegee, with a durometer level of 77. Incredibly flexible and soft, recommended for paint protection film installation and removing excess liquid.

The soft GREEN Squeegee is recommended for PPF & films with soft hard coatings.

Slightly firmer than PINK and GREEN, the BLACK squeegee is best for cleaning and prep work on window tint films. Guaranteed to never leave marks or tears in film.

With a hardness value of 85, The YELLOW squeegee is stiff and durable. Great for auto installation, paint protection film and Vinyl installation projects.

ORANGE squeegee is slightly stiffer than YELLOW. Recommended for small installation areas, most window films, vinyl, and PPF applications.

RED is the hardest squeegee available, with a durometer level of 95. Designed to be used for vinyl application & window films installation projects.


Fusion Pro

Black Turbo Pro 5.5" (GT2086 BLK), Black Turbo Pro 8" (GT2089 BLK), Green Turbo Pro 8" (GT2089 GRN), Pink Turbo Pro 8" (GT2089 PINK), Red Turbo Pro 3.5 (GT2083 RED), Pink Turbo Pro 3.5 (GT2083 PINK), Black Turbo Pro 3.5 (GT2083 BLK), Green Turbo Pro 5.5 (GT2086 GRN), Pink Turbo Pro 5.5 (GT2086 PINK)

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