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What Is Mirror Tint

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When it comes to darkening the windows in a vehicle, many people opt for mirror tint.  Perhaps one of the biggest reasons is for security.  It is much harder to see inside a vehicle with this type of film on the windows.  This will stop criminals from breaking in to the vehicle after spying electronics or a nice stereo system.  Sometimes this is enough for a thief to pass on a vehicle because they aren’t sure if they will net any loot.
Of course there are many people who like the idea of mirror tint because it looks great with other images imbedded in it.  Many times pictures of sunsets, eagles, the American flag and other types of graphics are part of the film that is put on the windows.  This is a very pleasing aesthetic that many people like to include on their vehicle as a way to show their own personal interests or style.  The reflective quality of the film also picks up the light rather well to showcase the photograph or graphic design.

Some states do not allow a vehicle owner to install mirror tint and there are others who have a regulation that only allows some windows to be shaded in the vehicle.  These regulations are for the safety of those in law enforcement.  These rules and laws can be looked up on the internet or they can be obtained by calling the DMV, one can also call the motor vehicles department in the state where a driver resides.  Some states have penalties and fines for breaking these laws and others will impound the vehicle until the film is removed.  It is best to know the laws before going forward with any type of a window film installation.

Many people like the mirror tint option because it does reflect a lot of light.  This makes the vehicle have a somewhat ominous look, depending on the model.  This was a trend for quite a while and it seems now that it is making a comeback.  It adds an aura of mystery to the vehicle.  This is just another accessory that personalizes the vehicle for the driver and shows that they want a vehicle which is one of a kind. 

As with all types of film, it is also important to remember that aside from the laws that must be taken into consideration, there is also the visibility factor to keep in mind.  If the percentage is too high, then it may be dangerously difficult to see out of the windows.  This could cause an accident or impair vision to the point that it would be impossible to see out of the windows.  

It is possible to buy mirror tint kits, and there are also professional installers who will do the installation. Applying this type of film follows the same guidelines as other types of film.  The same tools are necessary and the windows must be very clean before the film is applied to them.  The end result is a reflective work of art.

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