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How Does Shatterproof Window Film Work

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Often called security tint, shatterproof window film provides a number of bonuses many property owners find beneficial. To understand how the product works can be advantageous for the consumer, especially in trying to decide what type of product to buy and at which thickness do the benefits increase.  Is it secure? Is it break-proof? Is it 100% safe?

Defining the word shatter is necessary at this point. The verb means to break swiftly and aggressively into many pieces. A glass dropped on the ground will generally break into a lot of smaller shards if dropped. The same holds true for any glass or fragile surface whether it is a dish, television screen, or picture frame. By definition, shatterproof window film would translate to a product placed on a glass surface that keeps the surface from breaking swiftly and aggressively into smaller chunks.

The tinting does not, even at its thickest, prevent breakage. But it does stop the violence associated with a shattered glass surface. Even a gunshot may be stopped by a superior product. The rippling affect is still evident, but the broken surface stays securely in place until forcibly removed. No more flying glass shards during hurricanes, tornadoes, or accidental breakage. The pieces stay together held securely and safely in place.

Will it stop a burglar or home invasion? Statistics have shown crooks want an easy target. It takes intentional force and time to remove a surface that is protected by the glass tint. The entire pane has to be removed to gain access. If the home invader wants to stand around removing entire sections of structure, sure, they will get in. However, statistics are in favor of the would-be trespasser moving on to an easier house.

Shatterproof window film is designed to fit seamlessly onto the glass pane. While it is possible to alter the color by ordering specialty tint, the majority of security products are transparent and not visible to the naked eye. Many property owners prefer to keep the original aesthetics of the structure, and this is an ideal product leaving no telltale signs of its application behind.

The impact protection is a significant addition to any surface. There are interior surfaces that can benefit from an install of security or shatterproof window film. For instance, a fish tank would become safer and picture frames that hold glass would be break resistant while reducing glare. Within an office, the product is a valuable team player working to reduce health issues while protecting the inhabitants from potential wind borne debris and hostile forces.

Interested in finding out what shatterproof window film can do for a property? Contact a local seller or installer to learn how such a product impacts lives. Discover the minimal investment necessary to get started. Learn how the thickness is important to the level of protection provided. Ask the sales representative how the product is made. Estimates or quotes are free and come with no obligation for the consumer. The benefits are incredible and a lot less than most people imagine.

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