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Windshield specific car tint, headlight tint, self healing PPF,
and numerous paint protection film options.

Smart Film – Electrochromic Film – Switchable Glass

Smart PDLC Window Film

Simply Amazing

Smart Film is an Electrochromic Film that transforms  into a Switchable Glass Design that changes from nearly clear to a white matte frosted window panel.

CarbonX 2ply Auto Tint Film

50% off plus 50% rebate

Carbon X 2 Ply Tint

Introductory Special (50% off plus 50% rebate)…(Effective 75% off)

Our Story

As a window film wholesale distributor we supply a full line of window film and installation tools to help tint installers grow their tinting business

How Dark Can Tint Be In Your State?

Learn the tint laws in your state before you buy tint. We list the requirements for each state, the limitations of each window VLT and any special considerations that your state has on window car tint.